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Layher Revolutionary Scaffolding Systems

Described as the 'Rolls-Royce' of scaffolding, we are delighted to confirm that we now provide Layher Scafolding Systems as part of our service. 
Layher has been a leader in pioneering and innovative scaffolding systems for more than 70 years. With their revolutionized scaffolding services they are renowned globally for quality, safety and efficiency. Layher's high quality and practically tested systems include modular and facade scaffolding, event systems for grandstands and stages, weather protection roofs, scaffolding cladding, rolling towers and ladders. 

Some benefits of Layher Scaffolding systems:

  • Designs that incorporate in-built, safe connection mechanisms.
  • Designs that minimise the number of components needed on site.
  • Lightweight design to simplify materials handling and erection.
  • Choice of purpose-designed components to optimize performance.

Layher specialist engineers have created scaffolding parts that are stronger, lighter and easier to assemble with higher load baring capacity, parts that enable higher connection values, suspended scaffolding, optimum transmission of forces at the standard joints, higher bending capacity, more head room and increased safety.

Laois plan to incorporate Layher systems into all commercial site projects and are now fully equipped to undertake any project.



Featured Project: Ballymore Dublin Landings

Laois Scaffolding Project:  North Wall Quay, Co. Dublin

This massive and on-going Laois Scaffolding project is located in North Wall Quay on a 2.35 hectare site. Ballymore has partnered with Singapore’s Oxley Docklands Quay Limited on the project and are investing €700 million in the development. The project will include 65,000sq m (700,000sq ft) of office and retail space, with five office buildings and 273 apartments set to be finished by 2020. Striking architecture and inspired landscaping puts Dublin Landings in a league of its own – as do its occupants.




Featured Project: Charlemont Exchange

Laois Scaffolding Project: Dublin 2

The conversion of Charlemont Exchange Building into a block of offices serves as a prime example of the effective use of Layher's specialized scaffolding services. Layher's advanced systems provide stronger, lighter materials with greater bending capacity and heightened connectivity and security, contributing to the safe and speedy conversion of this large Walls Construction Development that will see the demolition of it's roof and the addition of two extra floors.





Layher's Scaffolding Systems: 

  1. Layher Allround®:
    Layher Allround® Scaffolding is centred on the highly versatile Allround Connector, with features that can safely and securely accommodate eight individual connections. Developed for one-man assembly, the Aluminium material means low weight which eases transportation and handling, while a hot-dipped galvanised steel option opens up an even wider range of installation opportunities.

  2. Falsework systems: 
    Making extensive use of standard Layher Allround® components, propping and formwork requirements are met through Layher falsework systems and associated expertise. As a result, speed, strength, safety and profitability are enhanced. Both standard and complex propping tasks can be addressed with the standard Layher Allround® components, including wide slab flooring installations. 

  3. Bridging Truss system:
    From general scaffolding applications to those in the event sector, the Layher Allround® Bridging Truss system offers key advantages and is fully compatible with Layher Allround® Scaffolding. Typical installations range from footbridges to support girders for heavy loads, with a choice of bay sizes to optimise versatility.

  4.  STAR Frame: 
    Comprising just two main components – rectangular frames and separate guardrails – the Layher STAR Frame concept interfaces directly with the Allround® rosette design with excellent versatility and installation speed the direct results.

  5. SpeedyScaf®: 
    Designed to meet the needs of speed and stability from a single versatile system, Layher SpeedyScaf® uses just five standard components including scaffolding frames, a choice of steel, aluminium or wood decks and a diagonal brace – the latter only required at every fifth bay. 

  6. Accessories: 
    An extensive choice of accessories brings even greater versatility to Layher scaffold and protection systems.

See Layher website for full info on all.




Layher Roofing: Protective Systems

  1. Cassette Roof :
    For weatherproffing and temporary halls. Low cost, labour saving roofing.
  2. Keder Roof: 
    A lightweight weather protection roof (manufactured from aluminium) which can be mounted without a crane up to approximately 18m. Used in conjunction with Keder rails for wall cladding. It means that the entire construction can be designed to form a lightweight hall.
  3. Keder Roof XL:
    Keder Roof XL is setting new standards for temp roofing over construction sites or stages. Where roofs are often limited to 20 metre span for structural strength reasons, the Keder Roof XL comes into its own. Taking into account requirements to cope with local weather conditions, it can be build with a span of up to 40 metres! It is based on Aluminium Lattice Beams 750 with integrated Keder section in the top chord.
  4. Movable Roofs: 
    Whether on a rapidly advancing construction site or under cramped conditions, you can get Layher’s protective roofs rolling to where the action is with only a few extra components. Flexibility and economy to the highest degree. 
  5. Protective System:
    The low cost, labour saving enclosure for environment, noise and weather protection. With the Protect System, Layher can supply a cassette enclosure system which is compatible with the Layher Allround and SpeedScaf systems and which meets requirements concerning environmental protection and insulation from noise and weather. It is an exceptionally economical solution which boasts Layher’s renowned quality:

See Layher Protective Systems Catelogue for full info on all.