Layher Systems

Layher Systems

Layher Scaffolding Systems


Revolutionary Layher Scaffolding Systems – Stronger, lighter, safer, and faster to assemble!

Described as the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of scaffolding, we are delighted to confirm that we can now provide you with Layher Scafolding Systems as part of our service. Layher has been a leader in pioneering and innovative scaffolding systems for more than 70 years. With their revolutionized scaffolding services, they are renowned globally for quality, safety and efficiency. Layher’s high quality and practically tested systems include modular and facade scaffolding, event systems for grandstands and stages, weather protection roofs, scaffolding cladding, rolling towers and ladders.

Some benefits of Layher Scaffolding systems:

  • Designs that incorporate in-built, safe connection mechanisms.
  • Designs that minimise the number of components needed on site.
  • Lightweight design to simplify materials handling and erection.
  • Choice of purpose-designed components to optimize performance.

Layher specialist engineers have created scaffolding parts that are stronger, lighter and easier to assemble with higher load baring capacity, parts that enable higher connection values, suspended scaffolding, optimum transmission of forces at the standard joints, higher bending capacity, more head room and increased safety. Laois plan to incorporate Layher systems into all commercial projects and are now fully equipped to undertake any project.


Layher Scaffolding

Revolutionary Materials

Strong, Lighter, Safer

Faster to assemble

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